Heat-shrinkable Tape for Anti-corrosion of Steel Pipeline
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Heat-shrinkable Tape for Anti-corrosion of Steel Pipeline

RSPB(S) series heat shrinkable tape (sleeve) is a special material for 3PE anti-corrosion pipe patching. The outer layer is radiation cross-linked polyethylene substrate, and the inner layer is coated with hot melt adhesive.

   During installation, the outer layer of substrate is heated and contracted radially, and the inner layer of hot melt adhesive melts. The hot melt adhesive forms a good physical or chemical bond with the anti-corrosive layer and the epoxy primer steel, and tightly wraps around the surface of the pipe, thus forming a tight anti-corrosive system.

   Features:Resistant to UV aging, thermal aging, environmental stress, cathodic stripping, and chemical media corrosion

Application Guide

Complied standards:ISO 21809-3,GB/T 23257,GB/T 51241

Maximum operating temperature:80℃

Applicable pipeline specifications:

Heat shrinkable tape:≥40mm

Heat Shrinkable Tape for Steel Pipeline Patching

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