Heat-shrinkable Materials for Steel-plastic Conversion Joints
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Heat-shrinkable Materials for Steel-plastic Conversion Joints

RSYΦ series heat shrinkable sleeve is a special material for steel-plastic conversion joints to prevent corrosion. The outer layer is radiation cross-linked polyethylene substrate and the inner layer is coated with hot melt adhesive.

During installation, the outer layer of substrate is heated to contract radially and the inner layer of hot melt adhesive melts. The hot melt adhesive forms a good bond with the epoxy powder coated steel pipe and the locking ring, and the heat shrink sleeve is tightly wrapped around the surface of the pipe, thus forming a tight anti-corrosion system.

Features:Resistant to UV aging, thermal aging, environmental stress, cathodic stripping, and chemical media corrosion

Application Guide   

Complied standards:GB/T 23257-2017

Maximum operating temperature:60℃

Applicable pipeline specifications:20/22  –  400/426

Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Steel-plastic Conversion Joint

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