Polyethylene Repair Sticks
    发布时间: 2022-10-29 16:06    
Polyethylene Repair Sticks

  Polyethylene repair sticks, also known as hot melt glue sticks, are mainly used in conjunction with pipe patching sheets and are used to fill surface defects in triple PE pipes. It consists of a variety of polymers, tackifying resins and fillers that are mixed together, melted and extruded through a mould. It is impermeable, ageing resistant, chemically resistant, strong adhesion, environmental adaptability and easy to handle, and has special properties to resist cathodic stripping, chemical corrosion and mould erosion.

Product standard specifications. Φ25mm×300mm, Black (Customized products are available upon request.)   

Application Guide

Heat and melt the hot melt glue stick with a slight flame and apply the melt all over the damaged area of the original corrosion layer to make the damaged area flat and free from defects.